Community Nursing

Community nurses work with disadvantaged people with disabilities and their families to help provide sufficient support to help them lead normal lives. Community nursing aims to reinforce and maintain an independent, healthy and self-sustaining lifestyle, at the same time providing assistance to caregivers.

The nurses at VMHDS have both patience and discretion and provide support as per the need of the hour. They are flexible and well-equipped with training and other things to work on-site as well as at homes to provide the support you are looking for.

How does Community Nursing help?

  • Registered with NDIS, our nurses believe that recovery can only happen when we’re truly listening to what the person needs. This is why our nurses make it a point to be all ears when participants discuss their issues and corresponding symptoms.
  • The nurses work with all kinds of people with psychiatric or mental illness providing whatever medical or clinical interventions required.
  • Nurses assist with jobs including all clinical services as general practitioners, mental health treatment by psychiatrists & psychologists, care while admitted in the hospital, residential care, rehabilitation and medication.
  • We truly understand that the basis of real support is when it is need-based which is why we analyze your requirements and provide more hours of support during crisis periods and less when things are fine.

Working Together To Reach Your Goals