Concerns and Complaints

We take client concerns and complaints seriously. A key principle of our service model is to anticipate client needs to avoid discontent in clients. Our Feedback Framework is designed to be sensitive to pick up on brewing concerns and resolve them before they escalate to complaints. Nonetheless should complaints arise we have an open and transparent Complaints Management process to support clients to arrive at a resolution satisfactory to them and this includes facilitating access to external agencies such as the NDIA.


We have provided several avenues to make the Complaints process accessible, including:

  • Telephone with a Feedback and Complaints option
  • Feedback Email
  • Post/Mail to the Client Experience Team
  • Feedback Form available in all Client Service Agreement or on request or downloadable from our website (instruction to send by post or email)
  • Online Feedback Form

Information on all of the above as well as information on Services Available & Service Access Points: is made accessible to all client populations as follows:

Access modality to material:

  • Posters displayed for free viewing at the business offices
  • Client information Page on the Business website
  • Brochures at the office available to take away
  • Client Service Information Packs available at the offices or on request or at NDIS Related Conferences and Community Fairs
  • Stakeholder Collaboration- other NDIS Service Providers; LGAs; Medicare Locals and  Local Councils other stakeholders have our Client Service Information Packs to provide clients as indicated.
  • Client Service Agreement Packs which include Clients and their carers/significant others signing off if they understand key documents such as the Rights and Responsibilities Document, Service Agreement, How to get help or more information, Opportunities to participate in the service and Feedback Process

Access Understandibility:

  • All Client documentation is written in English and highly used publications are translated to the other Languages common to the LGA of our service catchment
  • The Interpreter Service is employed where indicated by a Client’s language needs during planned meetings.

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