We respect and value feedback, and encourage people to share their feedback be it concerns, complaints, compliments and suggestions with us. Our feedback management includes filtering the feedback so it can be sent to the appropriate area i.e.

  •  concerns/complaints
  • continuous improvement suggestions
  • complaints
  • miscellaneous

Concerns/complaints are prioritized using a risk scale to assist appropriate and timely  action as follows:

Priority 1:

  • Definition: A High risk situation to Clients, Next of kin; Staff or Community putting them at imminent endangerment that can cause immediate loss of life/impairment/disability AND can only be averted by immediate mobilization of external emergency services including police, ambulance, and fire fighters.
  • Performance Target: Resolve 100% of all identified Priority 1 complaints within 12 hours

Priority 2:

  • Definition: A Low-Medium Risk situation to Clients, Next of kin; Staff or Community putting them at risk that cumulatively (if rate of offense remains constant) that can cause injury but that injury DOES NOT result in priority 1 endangerment and mediation or change in service plan can eliminate the problem.
  • Performance Target:  resolve 90% of identified Priority 2 complaints within 3-21 business days of receipt. More complex complaints may take longer to address but initial protections will be mobilised no later than 72hrs days from receipt of complaint.

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