The short-term accommodation or respite can translate into a short stay in one of the properties with other people or as an added support in your very own home. Our STA will help you raise your functionality in leading a proficient life and get you going and mingling in the community.

Short Term Accommodation is really advantageous for short time periods when an NDIS participant’s regular support place or accommodation is not accessible.

At VDAKK, we believe that caregivers need to be cared for too which is why our respite services are divided into Weekdays, Weekends, At-Home or a blend. We offer services that support every age group from adults and adolescents to children. You can hang out, make friends and take part in fun activities like playing your favourite sport & have meals together and in the process become more independent.

Under this service;

  • Participants can break monotony use this as a break from their regular routines
  • Our team of caregivers looks closely at individual dietary and health needs as well as match one with other individuals of same age group and interests
  • Respite offers tremendous opportunity to connect with new people to socialize and build & expand one’s peer group
  • Short Term Accommodation provides the perfect environment for supported independent living
  • Staff support is present 24*7 in the Short-Term Accommodation homes.

Working Together To Reach Your Goals