Specialist therapy support

Specialist therapy support

Improving independence with daily living through a range of specialist therapy supports

VDAKK Community Support  Therapy services support adults with mental health and Learning disability . Our therapists can support you to meet your individual
goals and enhance your quality of life by:

  • increasing communication
  • enhancing mobility and access to local communities and
  • enabling you to engage in everyday activities.

Some of the services we can provide include:

Social and community living skills

We can assist people with disability to develop their social skills, form meaningful relationships and actively participate in the community.

Improved Relationships

VDAKK specializes in providing support to adults with disability who present with behavior of concern and are seeking to improve their relationships. By taking a human rights focus and building on an evidence-based approach, Positive Behavior Support (PBS) focuses on increasing a person’s quality of life and decreasing the frequency and severity of their behavior of concern

This category is the provision of specialised assessment where the participant may have complex or unclear needs, requiring long term and/or intensive supports to address behaviours of concern.

Behaviour Support

Behaviour support requires a behaviour support plan to be developed that aims to limit the likelihood of behaviours of concern developing or increasing once identified. This plan outlines the specifically designed positive behavioural support strategies for a participant, their family and support persons that will achieve the intended outcome of eliminating or reducing behaviours of concern. This support category includes specialist behavioural intervention support, which is an intensive support for a participant, intending to address significantly harmful or persistent behaviours of concern.

Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support

Highly specialised intensive support interventions to address significantly harmful or persistent behaviours of concern. Development of behaviour support plans that temporarily use restrictive practices, with intention to minimise use of these practices.

Behaviour Management Plan Including Training In Behaviour Management Strategies

Training for carers and others in behaviour management strategies required due the participant’s disability.

Individual Social Skills Development

Social skills development with an individual, for participation in community and social activities.

Improved Daily Living

VDAKK Community Support can assist people with disability to develop daily living skills to become more independent at home, work and out in the community. We can provide comprehensive assessments, as well as individual and group-based interventions to assist you to develop particular skills.

This category includes the assessment, training, development and/or therapy to assist in the development or increase in skills for independence and community

  1. Assistance With Decision Making, Daily Planning and Budgeting
    Provision of time limited support to assist a person to develop and maintain daily budget, including assisting in planning purchases.
  2. Individual Assessment And Support By A Nurse
    Provision of care, training and supervision of a delegated worker to respond to the complex care needs of a participant where that care is not the usual responsibility of the health system.
  3. Individual Skill Development And Training Including Public Transport Training
  4. Training For Carers/Parents
    Training for carers in matters related to caring for a person with disability
  5. Individual Counselling
    Facilitating self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth and the optimal development of personal resources on a one to one basis. Assist participants to work towards their personal goals and gain greater insight into their lives
  6. Community Engagement Assistance
    Program to empower participants and improve interactions between participants and their social networks. Assistance to engage effectively in the community through a group approach to help achieve goals, gain insight into their lives and make informed decisions.lives
  7. Community Nursing Care For Continence Aid
    Continence aids: assessment, recommendation, and training delivered by a nurse.

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