Supported Independent Living (SIL)

VDAKK Mental Health and Disability Services offers Supported Independent Living for aid and added support for people with disabilities striving to live a regular life. The participant is under supervision of Support Workers midst a similar group of people to help them navigate their everyday life with as much independence as possible.

Participants eligible under NDIS can avail these support services which include supervision over everyday activities and arrangements, support with carrying out a daily routine wherein the support worker stays over constantly monitoring & managing daily tasks, depending on the level of support they need. At VDAKK, we extend our support in:

  • Managing finances and household expenditure
  • Preparation of meals and feeding
  • House cleaning, vacuuming, laundry and dishwashing
  • Mobility & Commuting to visit friends and family
  • Using the toilet, showering & dressing
  • Essential as well as leisure shopping
  • Training for daily life tasks
  • Promoting social participation & contribution in household activities

Working Together To Reach Your Goals